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We are pleased to announce the launch of the latest QS Music. A fully responsive mobile & tablet ready, powerful music selling and sharing script. QS Music is a portal script designed exclusively for the music industry. Display, play, sell music and run your own features.

Price starts from: USD 449

Social Login

As social media have become very popular we have decided to integrate social login into our QS Music. With the Social Login now you can provide your users a chance to login into your QS Music with Facebook, Google or Twitter account. All user privileges of the normal login will be supported.

Follow Artists

QS Music will allow you to follow any artist and get updates from your favourite artists. Following a specific artist is easy: just access their individual page and tap the “Follow” button, and you will get notification either in their inbox or via mail.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Revenue tracking & management, users management, settings and detailed advanced options with quick look data available on the status of your music portal, your dashboard offers complete control over your website.

All New Redesigned Platform

The new design is built for the future of music industry in small business. Elegant, stylish & mobile ready design will compliment the great tunes on your music portal.

Built for Online Music Industry

It's important to be able to analyze your business and QS Music provides you with detailed statistics. Easily add music and set pricing. Offer fee or subscription based pricing or offer free listening and download to users if you prefer.

Albums, Tracks, Artists & More

Display and search by artists, tracks or artists. Display them beautifully on each of these classification. Add music videos, allow fan clubs and much more. An exclusively designed marketplace script.

Money Management Made Easy

A great marketplace comes with great revenue management. It's easy to setup payment gateways, manage payments, withdrawal and it comes with multiple currency support.

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