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We are a software development company and our QS Money Exchanger Engine is an exchange platform script only and you must in your discretion decide whether you want to allow/enable or not money exchange services for your target customers. Our software is intended to let you run any service related to Money only in the places/states/countries where it is 100% legally safe and 'in align with the laws of the state/country' to operate such a service. We are not responsible/accountable for any kind of use of the script by you (including but not limited to any kind of use of the script for running any illegal services or target a user community/country/state where any such service you offer is illegal or not in align with the laws of such state/country).

QS Money Exchanger Engine is a robust platform script created for launching an online currency exchange service. This software prioritizes security, granting you direct control over various security settings. It is designed to effectively protect against potential hacking threats and asset loss, requiring minimal maintenance and vigilance on your part.

Price starts from: USD 1499

High Security

Security is a paramount concern for individuals involved in the cryptocurrency business. We fully grasp the significance of security and have implemented several safeguards to ensure the safety of our software. Here are the security measures we've put in place:

  1. Google Two-Factor Authentication for Administrators and Users.
  2. Recaptcha for Admin and User Logins.
  3. IP address verification to block access from unknown IP addresses.
  4. The option to utilize the highly secure coinbase.com online wallet as your primary wallet to minimize the risk of hacking and loss on your server.
  5. Multiple levels of account verification options to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

Top Fiat Currencies Support

QS Commodity Exchanger by default allows you to perform the exchange services with popular currencies like USD, Euro, British Pound, Indian Rupees, and others. If you want to add more currency options, it's easy. You can integrate your preferred payment gateway with ease, or we can assist you in doing so. Your currency options, your way.

Live Trading Platform

Discover the advantages of our live trading exchange platform. It's designed with a wide range of user-friendly features that you'll love. The sleek interface, powered by the trusted trading graph from tradingview.com, offers a visually appealing and easy-to-use trading experience. It's the ideal blend of style and functionality, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable trading journey for our valued users.

Multiple Fiat Currencies

QS Money Exchanger Engine empowers your users to seamlessly conduct exchange services with a variety of fiat currencies, including USD, Euro, and more. This flexibility enables you to effortlessly cater to a diverse range of countries, expanding the reach and impact of your service.

High Quality Reports, History

QS Money Exchanger Engine provides both users and administrators with exceptionally high-quality and comprehensive reports. These reports cover the status of trading, trade history, user profiles, currency data, and more.

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