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This android app is an addon for QS Email Marketer web script and it works seamlessly only with QS Email Marketer web script. This is a WebUI wrapper based addon, which means any change in the mobile responsive Web UI will be automatically reflected in the application as well.

QS Email Marketer iOS App Addon is a bulk mailing and mailing list app. Send numerous email campaigns & manage unlimited amount of emails & lists. Create projects to manage multiple campaigns and automatically trigger post dated campaigns.

Price starts from: USD 199

Stylish & Interactive Design

QS Email Marketer iOS App Addon comes with most stylish and interactive design that suits for every DPI (Dots Per Inch) configuration. The design provided is more attractive than traditional mobile app designs. Users will love this attractive and easy to use mobile app for sure.

Ideal for Small & Medium Business

Reach large audiences with affordable costs whether you are trying for your first customers or just trying to stay in touch with your current, email is still the most effective online marketing communication tool of our time.

Elegant Dashboard

QS Email Marketer iOS App Addon comes up with an elegant looking dashboard which gives you a brief idea about what this app is all about.

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