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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not regularised in many countries and some countries have specially declared it as illegal. We are a software development company and our QS Blockchain FiatExchanger is an exchange platform script only and you must in your discretion decide whether you want to allow/enable or not cryptocurrency exchange services for your target customers. Our software is intended to let you run any service related to Cryptocurrencies only in the places/states/countries where it is 100% legally safe and 'in align with the laws of the state/country' to operate such a service. We are not responsible/accountable for any kind of use of the script by you (including but not limited to any kind of use of the script for running any illegal services or target a user community/country/state where any such service you offer is illegal or not in align with the laws of such state/country).

QS Blockchain FiatExchanger is a premium and secure cryptocurrency exchange platform script, that helps you launch a cryptocurrency exchange service online. This software is created keeping high security in mind and you can have direct control over various security parameters. Its optimised to reasonably prevent hacking loss of cryptocurrencies too with minimal care.

Price starts from: USD 2449

High Security

Security is the number one concern for anyone who is working on cryptocurrency business. We understand it well and we have taken special care to make the software secure. We have employed the following mechanisms for high security.

  1. Google Two Factor Authentication for Administrators and Users
  2. Recaptcha for Admin and User Logins.
  3. IP address verification to prevent access from unknown IP addresses.
  4. Automatic cryptocurrency transfer to external secure wallet (like a hardware wallet etc) if cryptocurrencies are found beyond a limit(configurable) in your primary wallet.
  5. Feature to use generally very secure coinbase.com online wallet to use as your primary wallet to prevent any hacking loss at your server.
  6. Multiple level account verification options to know your customers better.

Top Cryptocurrency Support

QS Blockchain FiatExchanger can currently support 237 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin(BTC), Etherium(ETH), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), and Litecoin (LTC) etc , to make it in align with the primary online wallet (coinbase.com) can support. The software connects to your coinbase.com using your legal API keys to store and withdraw money to and from your primary wallet. We are adding more currency support in near future.

Top Fiat Currencies Support

QS Blockchain FiatExchanger by default allows you to perform the exchange service with USD, Euro, BritishPound, Indian Rupees etc. If you want any other currency support, you just need to add your gateway or we can help you integrate your preferred payment gateway.

Live Trading Platform

Your users will love to use live trading exchange platform with various features it providers, along with the cool interface provided by the tradingview.com's trading graph

Multiple Fiat Currencies

QS Blockchain FiatExchanger allows your users to perform exchange service with multiple fiat currencies (USD, Euro, etc). It makes it very easy for you to target your service to multiple countries.

High Quality Reports, History

QS Blockchain FiatExchanger gives your users and admin(you) very high quality and detailed reports on the status of trading, trade history, user details, currency data etc.

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